Coping With Cancer: Causes and Management of Fatigue

Cancer sufferers often complain of fatigue as a side-effect of their disease and treatment.  But what causes this debilitating condition and how can it be managed?  Read on for more information. What causes cancer-related fatigue? Fatigue can be caused by many different factors related to your cancer including the following: hormonal changes caused by the cancer itself chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and radiotherapy anaemia chronic pain resulting in lack of sleep emotional issues, such as stress and depression poor nutrition caused by loss of appetite and feelings of nausea side effects of some medication lack of exercise How can you manage your fatigue? Read More 

What to Know About Wisdom Teeth

You may choose to have your wisdom teeth removed if they are causing you pain. However, you may want to have them removed even if there is no pain yet. If you pay for dental services regularly, your dentist should be taking X-rays of your mouth and be able to give you advice on what to expect when you are having your wisdom teeth removed. Why Have Removal At this point in human history, people's mouths are not big enough for wisdom teeth to come through and have room to grow. Read More 

Sexual health for lesbian singles

Lesbians are often somewhat ignored in mainstream sexual health education, but it's still very important for lesbians to have regular sexual health checkups and observe safe sexual health guidelines when they are having any sexual contact with other women.  Wash, clean and sterilise toys between use When using items that are going to be inserted in a partner, such as a strap-on, vibrator or dildo it's important to clean and sterilise the items between use especially if they are going to be used by multiple partners. Read More 

Protect Your Feet From Harm by Choosing the Right Pair of Football Boots

Choosing the right sporting footwear can improve your performance and prevent injuries. This applies to any sport, but it's particularly important for footballers. Football is a demanding sport, and it requires a lot from the boots worn by players. They need to facilitate rapid changes of direction, provide plenty of grip and be extremely flexible too. Just as importantly, boots can also protect against injury by providing ankle support and cushioning against the impact of other players' studs. Read More 

Tired All The Time? 3 Possible Explanations You Might Not Have Considered

Feeling tired is usually just a sign that you haven't been getting enough shut-eye lately. However, if you are constantly exhausted despite going to bed early every night, there could be a deeper reason for your fatigue. Could any of these three health issues explain your exhaustion? 1. Sleep Apnoea Sleep apnoea is a serious health issue that causes sufferers to momentarily stop breathing during their sleep. The lack of oxygen jars sufferers awake multiple times every night; although, many don't remember it in the morning. Read More