Sexual health for lesbian singles

Lesbians are often somewhat ignored in mainstream sexual health education, but it's still very important for lesbians to have regular sexual health checkups and observe safe sexual health guidelines when they are having any sexual contact with other women. 

Wash, clean and sterilise toys between use

When using items that are going to be inserted in a partner, such as a strap-on, vibrator or dildo it's important to clean and sterilise the items between use especially if they are going to be used by multiple partners. If you plan to get experimental during the session and plan to use the toys in multiple orifices (for example anal and vaginal penetrations), or between multiple partners, it's a good idea to use condoms to cover the toys between each penetration to prevent bacterial infections spreading or the potential for spreading of sexual transmitted disease. 

Dental dams for oral sex

Whilst cunnilingus is on the lower end of risks for transmitting sexual diseases, diseases such as herpes can still be spread by oral sex. The only way to prevent this is by spreading a barrier in between the genitals and the mouth. The most common option is a dental dam which can be picked up from many pharmacies or sexual health clinics. Try using lubricants on the underside of the dental dam to increase the sensation for the recipient if you find that the dental dam reduces sensations. 

Regular sexual health check-ups

If you are having regular casual sex, it's a good idea to also have regular sexual health check-ups. These can help to identify issues that can arise in the bedroom (or outside of it) which could be spread to your partners if you are not careful. This can include issues such as yeast infections, which may not be sexually acquired but can be spread between partners. It can be a good idea to look for a sexual health doctor or clinic that has specific experience with providing advice to lesbians as this can make you feel more comfortable when describing your sexual activities and eliminate the need for awkward conversations and explanations of your sexual practices. Contact a sexual health clinic like Travellers Medical Services near you for more information.

If you are a lesbian single, it's important not to ignore your sexual health. Many sexual health issues can be easily resolved with early treatment. Finding a sympathetic and approachable clinic and doctor can make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.