Straight from Mother Nature: Foods That Will Help You Fight Skin Cancer

Did you know that healthier food choices can help you prevent skin cancer? The good thing is, not only do these foods contain cancer-fighting nutrients, but they also taste great! Turmeric Turmeric is a popular spice in the Indian culture, widely known for numerous medicinal benefits. This root plant from the ginger family possesses a variety of anti-cancer properties that make it one of the best skin cancer-fighting food there is. Read More 

5 Signs That A Medical Centre Is A Keeper

Finding a medical centre that you can entrust with your health and that of your family is not easy. Medical care is one of the most personal commercial services offered today. Many people, therefore, tend to hop from one centre to another as they seek the perfect find. Although there is no perfect medical facility out there, there are some qualities that make any medical centre a keeper. Check them out below. Read More 

4 Healthy Habits That Help to Reduce Hearing Loss

As you get older, hearing loss becomes more prevalent, but that doesn't mean you can't reduce the risks or even prevent it. If you are already experiencing ringing, buzzing, or having to turn the volume up on your television more often, your hearing loss may already be starting. Here are some healthy habits that can help you keep the hearing loss from worsening. Protect Your Ears As Much As Possible Read More 

Getting to know Therapeutic Massage Better

Therapeutic massage professionals must undergo strict training and supervision to obtain licenses to treat specific conditions. Therapists can identify the contraindications of massage, determine the state of a patient through a check-up of the patient's history and regulate a particular therapeutic massage routine if they undergo extensive training. They are trained in the art of providing relief to patients who require general recovery, have soft tissue injuries and deal with other dysfunctions. Read More