Common Foot Problems Adults May Develop

Your foot is made up of a significant number of bones, tendons, and joints. The largest of these bones is the heel. If you over exert your heel or injure it, you will inevitably end up suffering from heel pain. Since there are so many bones and tendons that can be affected, heel pain tends to a common ailment that adults will suffer from. The chances of you developing foot problems that can develop into chronic heel pain can be compounded if you are overweight, if you wear ill-fitting shoes or if you engage in strenuous activities. Read More 

When and Why Should You See an Orthodontist Rather Than a Cosmetic Dentist?

A cosmetic dentist can do quite a bit to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and your smile; this can mean filling in small gaps between teeth, making undersized teeth appear larger, and the like. However, an orthodontist is concerned about the actual alignment of your teeth and not just their appearance. If you're thinking of visiting a dental professional to address problems you have with your teeth and their appearance, note when and why it's good to see an actual orthodontist rather than a cosmetic dentist. Read More 

5 Benefits of Getting Prescription Sunglasses in Addition to Your Regular Eyewear

People that need to wear eyeglasses to see properly are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to sun protection. While prescription glasses can be made photo-chromatic to exclude some sun, you may need more protection than your photochromic lenses offer. Wearers of contact lenses find themselves in even more trouble, particularly in places where they face direct sunlight and other eye irritants. Prescription sunglasses are an option for sun-protection for those with sight impairments, allowing you to stylishly protect your eyes from glare and dirt without sacrificing your sight in the process. Read More 

Roller Coaster Junkie? How to Avoid Neck Pain

A day out at the theme park is a lot of fun, and as an occasional treat there's not much risk to your health. However, if you just can't get enough of roller coasters and ride regularly, then you could be risking serious damage to your neck, which is affected by the strain of many popular rides. Neck pain can seriously affect your day-to-day life and prevent you from enjoying even the gentlest roller coasters. Read More 

Eyebrow Tattoos And Men: Four Things You Need To Know

As personal grooming becomes increasingly important for Australian men, some blokes are keen to try out procedures that they may previously have associated with women. Eyebrow tattoos can help women keep the shape they want without too much maintenance, but what can guys expect from this type of treatment? If you're curious, here are four things you should know. The results won't look feminine A tattoo artist can create the effect you want, so you can control the outcome. Read More