Common Foot Problems Adults May Develop

Your foot is made up of a significant number of bones, tendons, and joints. The largest of these bones is the heel. If you over exert your heel or injure it, you will inevitably end up suffering from heel pain. Since there are so many bones and tendons that can be affected, heel pain tends to a common ailment that adults will suffer from. The chances of you developing foot problems that can develop into chronic heel pain can be compounded if you are overweight, if you wear ill-fitting shoes or if you engage in strenuous activities. The following are some of the common foot problems that adults can develop.

Heel spurs

These growths begin to develop when your heel lining is exposed to constant, undue stretching. If this is left unabated, you will find that come parts of the heel lining will eventually break off. The broken off areas then become heel spurs in your foot. Applying pressure on them can elicit some pain, so the extent of discomfort would largely be based on the location of the heel spurs. Heel spurs are a common ailment in athletes who engage in frequent running. Nevertheless, they can also develop in obese individuals due to the increased weight being applied to the foot.

Plantar fasciitis

This type of heel pain will present itself at the bottom of your foot. It occurs when the plantar fascia, a web-like ligament that functions to connect the ball of your heel to the frontal part of your foot, has been damaged. The plantar fascia is crucial, as it is the tendon that supports your foot's arch as you are walking or running. When in good condition, the plantar fascia will also act as a shock absorber for your foot. Thus, ensuring that you do not feel pain when your feet pound the ground. However, the accumulation of these shocks will cause the gradual wear of your plantar fasciitis. Excessive pressure on the foot can lead to the eventual tear of this ligament. Once the tendon has become inflamed, you will experience stiffness in your foot as well as some pain. Generally, plantar fasciitis is treated through stretching and rest. If the pain is unbearable, seeing a podiatrist can ensure you get pain medication to offer you some relief.

Achilles tendonitis

The Achilles tendon functions to connect the muscles in your calf to you the heel bone. The Achilles facilitates movements such as jumping, running and more. If you strain the tendon through intense physical activity, it can become inflamed causing severe pain. This inflammation is what is referred to as Achilles tendonitis. Icing the area could offer some relief. Nevertheless, if home remedies do not work, it is prudent to visit a podiatrist.