Eyebrow Tattoos And Men: Four Things You Need To Know

As personal grooming becomes increasingly important for Australian men, some blokes are keen to try out procedures that they may previously have associated with women. Eyebrow tattoos can help women keep the shape they want without too much maintenance, but what can guys expect from this type of treatment? If you're curious, here are four things you should know.

The results won't look feminine

A tattoo artist can create the effect you want, so you can control the outcome. A tattooist can change the colour, style and shape of the finished eyebrow, and there's no reason to expect the result to look too feminine. In fact, most guys will simply want to smarten up their natural brow shape, so it's unlikely you'll end up with Kim Kardashian's brows. A consultation with your tattooist will normally calm any nerves, and he or she will happily answer questions about anything that's worrying you.

The new brows will take time to settle

Permanent eyebrow tattoo clients are often shocked by the immediate results of a brow tattoo. Immediately after treatment, your new brows will look darker than your natural look, which may cause some instant purchase regret, but the effect will soon pass. The colour will normally lighten in around two weeks, leaving you with the perfect shade.

Bear this in mind when planning your new brows. If you don't want the lads at work to give you a hard time, you may want to go for a treatment at the start of some planned time off.

It's all or nothing

Eyebrow tattoos can help people with alopecia and various other problems that can interfere with natural hair growth, but your tattooist will normally tell you that this isn't a touch-up alternative. For example, if an eyebrow piercing has left you with a little scar, a tattooist probably can't just fill in the gap.

In this case, the tattooed area would stand out from the rest of the eyebrow and would probably draw unwanted attention. However, a full eyebrow tattoo would blend in better and give you an even colour and tone. Have a chat with the tattooist to find out what's possible.

The results will fade

Eyebrow tattoos must contend with constant sun exposure and will slowly fade over time. While some colour loss isn't a big deal, after a year, you probably won't even notice the benefits of the original tattoo. As such, you should bear in mind that you'll need a top-up every 12 months or so. Given that the treatment costs several hundred dollars, it's important to understand that this isn't a one-time deal.

Eyebrow tattoos aren't just for women. Talk to a cosmetic tattoo specialist for more advice.