New Mum? How to Deal with Unwanted Back Pain

If you've recently given birth, and this is your first time, you may be learning the hard way that life is now quite the challenge. You may have recovered from the childbirth itself, but are now experiencing some unusual aches and pains, indirectly caused by the little one in your life. What can you do to help alleviate some of this excruciating back pain and improve your quality of life?

1. Learn Better Techniques

Some babies demand more attention than others, and always cry until you pick them up. This is, of course, comforting, but you need to be careful and ensure that you pick them up slowly while bending from the knees. You should also invest in a baby carrier complete with a specially designed sling that will allow you to hold the baby close and in a more neutral position. You'll be able to get on with some other work as well, which could be an added benefit.

2. Try Better Positioning

Try to bring your baby up to waist level when you are performing some of those essential tasks. You need to change their nappy on a regular basis but see if you can do so on a surface that is much kinder to your back. The less you need to stoop, the better. The same may go for the cot and especially if it has adjustable levels and sides. You can place your baby into bed without having to lean over and strain your back. If you breastfeed, experiment until you find a more comfortable position and use pillows to prop up the child in the perfect feeding position as well.

3. Increase Your Personal Care

Above all else, look after yourself. Try to get some daily exercise even if your schedule is so busy. This will help to strengthen your core muscles and protect your back. You must ensure that you get as much sleep as possible too. Obviously, this is not an easy task with a new baby who wants to get you up in the middle of the night. Perhaps you can delegate some of that work to your other half and sleep in the spare room if need be.

4. See an Osteopath

If all of these tips do not really help too much, then book an appointment to see an osteopath. They specialise in helping to alleviate back pain and will talk to you about the best course of action. Contact services like Associated Medical Clinic to learn more.