How to treat common embarrassing health conditions

There are certain types of medical problems which can make people feel self-conscious around others and even stop them from participating in social activities that they would normally enjoy. Here is a brief guide to the treatments available for some of the most common, embarrassing health conditions. Plantar hyperhidrosis Plantar hyperhidrosis is a term that medical professionals use to describe acute foot perspiration. The excess moisture resulting from this condition can not only make walking and running more uncomfortable for the sufferer but can also cause their feet to develop a very pungent odour. Read More 

Knee Replacement Surgery: Total Replacement Vs Partial Replacement

If you are suffering from knee pain, either due to disease (e.g. arthritis) or injury, your doctor or surgeon may suggest knee replacement surgery as the best solution for your problem. In general, there are two major types of knee replacement surgeries: total and partial. With a total knee replacement operation, the femur, tibia and knee cap are encased with metal or plastic to reduce wear. With a partial operation, only the worn or damaged parts are encased with a prosthesis. Read More